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Care Kit

Canvas Barn Marine Trimming

This bag of goodies has what you need to care for your boat cover.

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Marine Fabricator Division School of Excellence

in association with Specialised Textiles Association (STA), David’s Custom Trimmers.

Workshop held May 2014.

Posted by in News on October 17, 2014

All boat covers need to open so you can get in and out of your boat.

In a lot of cases, this means you need a zip. A zip is easy to use and strong enough to withstand a lot of use.

But did you ever think about just what a zip is? Besides something that goes up. And down. And up. And down. over and over…..

Posted by in News on September 10, 2014

When talking to you about care for your cover,you often ask us 

“how long will I get out of my cover?”

Actually, that’s not true.

You ALWAYS ask that question!

Do you need a new cover for your classic cruiser, timber boat, sports boat, tinny or fishing boat? Ask us how we can make the cover you need. ×
Every boat is different. We personally pattern every cover on your boat, manufacture the cover, and fit the cover. We teach you how to use and maintain the cover so you get the best performance and longevity. ×
Recognised by the Specialised Textiles Association at their Annual Conference as the National Winner for Boat Covers, 15, 16, 17. ×
We listen to you! How you use your boat, and what you need. ×