Commitment to Sustainability

It’s no surprise that a canvas workshop generates waste. Let’s face it, we live in a throw away society.

At Canvas Barn Marine Trimming we have a strong commitment to sustainability and we choose to minimise our environmental impact in a number of ways.

  1. We manufacture high end product and this means an increased life expectancy for your well maintained covers. We choose top quality fabrics that last years and years longer than their cheaper competitors. We use PTFE thread, which won’t break down in UV and won’t rot. We manufacture our covers to cover zips, which protects them from UV damage, and also keeps more water out of your boat.
  2. We choose to use products from GREEN companies. The recycling process is very important to us. We delve into the manufacturer’s backgrounds and see how they treat the environment. We choose to support companies that are active in minimising waste, regenerate their local environment and have a zero to low carbon footprint. Sunbrella has a great environmental policy, as does Serge Ferrari. We also look for products that are REACH compliant. 
  3. We use solar power and rain water to run our workshop. While not being completely off grid, at Canvas Barn Marine Trimming we generate more electricity than we use, thanks to our manufacturing techniques and workshop set-up. 
  4. We donate left over fabrics to local organisations to use in boomerang bag projects and other similar projects. We don’t order stock we don’t need. 
  5. We choose to use products that don’t require harsh chemicals for the cleaning process. Many boat owners use acids to clean down their boats. While this does a great job on the hull, the chemicals flush away into the environment, causing damage. 
  6. We are working towards zero landfill. Unfortunately, products such as old cushions cannot be recycled and do end up in landfill. That’s why we insist on using only the best foam products available, and manufacturing cushions in such a manner that their life span is as long as possible. 


Commitment to the environment