SeaDek.. flooring that looks good and feels great!

March 1, 2021

SeaDek Flooring
SeaDek Flooring

SeaDek is a UV protected non-absorbent foam, featuring an innovative, textured micro-dot surface for enhanced non-slip characteristics. Its non-skid, closed cell PE/EVA products offer safe and comfortable alternatives to moulded non-skid, paint-on textures and other marine traction products.

Why choose SeaDek?

Formulated with a 3M™ acrylic based high-bond pressure sensitive adhesive, SeaDek’s robust, peel-and-stick application makes it easy to install with no mounting of hardware. SeaDek provides protection for boat surfaces, especially in high traffic areas.

  • Exceptional traction even when wet
  • Unparalleled comfort when standing or walking on boat surfaces
  • Shock absorption, which decreases fatigue
  • Protection for boat surfaces against scratches, chips and dents
  • Noise reduction characteristics – ideal for fishermen

Ok, I want SeaDek… now what?

Did you know genuine SeaDek can only be supplied and fitted by Certified Fabricators and Installers? This ensures that the whole process is done with the highest quality control. Canvas Barn Marine Trimming are proud to be the Certified Installers in the Gippsland area!

Contact us to get the process underway…

Each SeaDek kit is manufactured specifically for your boat.

The process:

First we meet and you tell us your needs and together we discuss how SeaDek can meet them.

Which colour appeals to you? Here are the most popular combos, but there are plenty of custom combos available for your extra special project.

What colour SeaDek will I choose?

Which patterns will make your boat look amazing?

Which Pattern is right for your boat?

How about adding a fish ruler, an image or some names?… the sky is the limit! (well except for some copyright issues…)

Second, we make an exact pattern of each piece. There might be a couple of pieces, more often there are many pieces depending on the complexity of the job.

Third, patterns are sent to the Certified SeaDek Fabricator, where they are digitised and tweeked to look perfect. This helps the pattern to “read” well as a whole… so the lines look continuous, and the pieces are nicely defined. When everyone is happy, the pattern is sent to the CNC cutter machine, where each piece is cut out.

Fourth, the kit is then sent to us, the Certified SeaDek Installer.

Fifth, we carefully prepare the boat for installation… cleaning every square cm where the SeaDek will be placed. Think Operating Theatre! Each piece is then put into place, and finally adhered to the surface. It’s not a quick job, it takes time and energy to get the perfect result.

Sixth… the job is complete and your boat is ready for your next adventure!

This tinny looks the bomb!

SeaDek RealTree Tinny

with the brand new Realtree SeaDek is place. If you are interested, we can set up an appointment for you to see Realtree in Real Life! We hear there is a new woodgrain available too !

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